Parents Testimonials

Cynthia Lam

Ho Math and Chessâ„¢ is an excellent maths program. My daughter loves going to Ho Math and Chessâ„¢. Frank is a knowledgeable, caring and supportive teacher, his methods work. I have recommended his program to many of my daughter’s friends. I will be starting my younger daughter on his program this summer.

Mrs Hsu

I have 3 boys and all of them have been going to Ho Math and Chessâ„¢ program for the last 3 years. My oldest boy is at university now, but my younger 2 boys are still attending Ho Math and Chessâ„¢. They learnt advanced maths, problem solving, maths contest preparation, chess and mathematical chess puzzle. My sons are able to make progress in their mathematical ability and maintain top one percent in their school maths classes. I highly recommend other parents to seek help from Ho Math and Chessâ„¢ Learning Centre.

Anne Leung

My son Nelson attended the maths lessons offered by the Ho Math and Chess Learning Centre from 1999 until 2005. He was able to maintain an A+ average throughout high school and has received certificates of recognition for many mathematics competitions. Ho Math and Chess program helps student to develop their maths skills and improve their marks.

Jennifer Huang, Vancouver BC

My daughter, Angela, has been with the Ho Math and Chess Learning Centre since 1998 and is pleased with their maths program. She is able to maintain an “A” every year. I would recommend this learning centre to other parents.

Gordon Chiang

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your wonderful program offered to my daughter Connie at Ho Math and Chess. Your program is very helpful to children who have difficulties in maths learning and wish to improve their ability. Wish you can continue to offer the program in the year to come, so more children could benefit from your maths and chess program.