Franchise Testimonials

Girish Patel
Ho Math and Chess Hawaii

Ho Math & Chess is a FUN way to teach maths while learning to play the greatest game ever invented. Children look forward to coming to tutoring classes because they know they are going to have fun while interacting with their peers in the classroom. Franchisor is available 24 hours a day for any help…providing oustanding service. There is no better way to teach children maths and chess. I recommend all parents to look into this learning center today.

Shakir McDonald
The B.E.E Academy, US

As an experienced educator, I found Ho Math and Chess’s model to be innovative, engaging and effective in generating a better understanding of mathematical concepts, the development of Problem solving skills and providing a firm foundation and love for the game of Chess. As a franchisor, I find the Owner (Frank Ho) to be incredibly helpful in disseminating information, ideas, resources and materials. The result of incorporating Ho Math and Chess with The B.E.E. Academy has been a synergy of proven concepts, great creative ideas and effective and fun instruction. Furthermore, it is one the only franchises that I’ve seen where entrepreneurial inclinations and creativity are welcome. I love the Ho Math and Chess model and hope to be a franchisor for many years to come.

Ali Balkan
Ho Math and Chess Istanbul

Chess is an excellent tool to enhance maths learning. Nobody can deny how important maths is to our lives. And, whenever I talk to parents about chess and about maths and then about the creation of workbooks teaching maths and chess together for children; I see suddenly that their expression changed and they told me it is very interesting! This is how I got involved with Ho Math and Chess and I want to learn more about it. I went to Vancouver and talked to Mr. Frank Ho personally and saw how he taught his students.

I find this maths and chess teaching and learning together idea very innovative especially no one has ever put together such a wonderful workbook with so many world’s first ideas. As a result, Mr. Ho applied a patent protection for his invention of geometric chess symbols in teaching maths.

We might think that children depending on us, deep thinking revels in fact we depend on them more than we believe as they are our future. Ho Math and Chess is educating maths for our future generation in a fun environment. Thank you very much Frank for what you have achieved for our kids, for our future.

Dave Lo
Ho Math and Chess Burnaby

As an educator, I like the Ho Math and Chess teaching materials. Their focus on problem solving, in conjunction with computation and the universal recognition of chess, is an innovative and refreshing approach to mathematics education. I see these teaching materials helping to fill an important gap in the current mathematics curriculum, that of problem solving. The problem solving skills of many students, including those who are performing at an "A" level are generally weak. The Ho Math and Chess materials serve as a useful supplement to further improve all level of students.