Children Testimonials

Jonathan W, Vancouver BC

I enjoyed your classes these two years very much. I learned a lot about maths and chess skills. Thank you for teaching me when I have problems. My parents and I think you are a very good teacher. I’ll miss your classes! Happy Halloween!

Sharon, Vancouver BC

Ho Math and Chess is a very good place to learn maths. I learned a lot more ways to solve different kinds of maths problems. Ho Math and Chess really helps.

Eileen, Vancouver BC

I started learning in Ho Math and Chess with Amanda’s help when I was in grade 5. Since my grade 4 teacher wasn’t very strict, I started getting a lot of C ’s in grade 5. So, my mother sent me into Ho Maths and Chess. My C ’s were still C ’s in the 2nd term but it was more of a better rate than the first. Then all of a sudden in 3rd term I started getting B’s! So, when I went into grade 6 I got A’s and A’s and more A’s because I caught up with everyone else during the Summer vacation. I’m in grade 7 (2006-2007) and I still have those A’s. Thanks to Amanda I caught up in maths but I’m not the best but still a good helper in maths when someone in my class misunderstands it. This class not only taught me maths but also some English because I am communicating with someone for 2 hrs! Thank you again to Ho Math and Chess for helping me in maths when I was about to drown in embarassment of all those C ’s!!!

Tina, Vancouver BC

I have been a student with Ho Math and Chess for several years and if not because it is very helpful to me, I would not have continued for many years. Ho Math and Chess not only helps me in maths, it is really a fun place too. I learned chess skills at Ho Math and Chess because the chess set is always placed on the table and I saw many kids playing chess at their break time. I recommend Ho Math and Chess to all kids of any ages.

Darkspooker, Vancouver BC

I certainly recommend Ho Math and Chess because I go there. They helped me improve my maths marks and relieve my stress if I do not understand my maths problems. They are life savers for sure. They do not just mark kids’ home work, they truly teach you. The teaching method of both maths and chess together is great! Frank is a genius that forms my eye since he invented the maths and chess teaching method.

Allison Chen, Arcadia CA

I received maths-tutoring lessons at Ho Math and Chess Learning Centre from 1991 to 2000 under the instruction of Mr Ho. His teaching of using chess as a learning tool certainly has added lots of interest in maths learning. With the help of Ho Math and Chess program, I was a top maths student in my class and would recommend the program to any students.