Our Approach

Ho Math and Chessâ„¢ program offers children the opportunity to learn maths and chess at the same time. Its purpose is not to train children to become professional chess players, but to raise their higher level thinking skills, train their brains to think deeply, train children’s mental state to be more alert when working on analytical problems.

Ho Math and Chessâ„¢ does not just use chess as a teaching tool, but also uses its world’s first maths and chess integrated workbooks to teach computation ability and train children to master basics in a fun and entertaining way.

When compared to traditional worksheets, Ho Math and Chessâ„¢ worksheets motivate, nurture, and inspire children in exploring maths the fun way. Ho Math and Chessâ„¢ worksheets arouse children’s curiosity and stimulate their thinking to make learning more interesting. Ho Math and Chessâ„¢ worksheets are multi-functional and integrate maths, puzzle, chess, logic all in one.

More importantly our workbooks are innovative and proven effective not only in raising maths marks, but also in improving decision making, enhancing problem-solving ability in critical thinking, deductive and induction reasoning skills and in the ability to make good judgements and estimates. They all are crucial to your child’s success – both at school and in everyday life.

Our computation techniques do not deviate from the method taught in the current educational settings. No memorisation or special rules are required when performing our computations. The computation methodology the students will learn at Ho Math and Chessâ„¢ is completely in line with their school work so there will be no confusion. Our teaching method, will enhance a child’s ability to understand maths better. We align our maths curriculum to any federal, state, provincial, or local standards.