Parents have the wonderful opportunity and responsibility for nurturing children. This nurturing process affects several areas of development: physical, emotional, and intellectual. While parents can usually find time to read a story to their children, thereby instilling a love for literature, they are often at a loss as to how to instill a love and appreciation for mathematics.

Maths skills are crucial to a child’s success – both at school and in everyday life. Understanding maths also builds confidence and opens the door to a range of career options.In today’s technology-driven society, greater demands have been placed on individuals to interpret and use mathematics to make sense of information and complex situations.

Mathematics is an integral part of our life. Believe it or not “THERE IS NO ESCAPE” from knowing maths.

The basic skills needed to function in the workplace today are decision-making, problem-solving, critical-thinking and deductive and inductive reasoning along with the ability to make judgements and good estimates.

Of all the subjects that we are forced to study in school, people seem to reserve their bitterest revulsion for mathematics. What is it about this elegant and pure field of knowledge that invokes such terror?

Based on our observations, the reasons people don’t like maths varies from:-

  • because it makes them feel stupid
  • they just don’t understand it
  • it’s too dry and methodical
  • because there are too many rules, formulas and procedures to remember

But, can you think of a situation where maths is taught in a way which is fun, stimulating and instills a desire to solve any equation to its completion? The simple answer is: Games!!! Perhaps if our maths instructors treated maths like a game, more individuals would embrace and excel in mathematics. A more favourable attitude towards maths leads to better performance.

Let us introduce you to our program where we integrate Maths and Chess into a fun learning experience.