About Ho Math and Chessâ„¢

Traditionally, maths is learned through repetition and drill but from the children’s point of view that is boring, dull and not fun, hence it impedes the interest in this subject and translates to poor results in school.

The demands of society have changed but the format of traditional computation worksheets has not caught up with the pace of the changes. The future belongs to a generation who understands how to process information which might include digits, bytes, numbers, graphics, images, languages, symbols, equations, and etc.

Children today might chat with others on the internet, while downloading or uploading files and viewing movie clips at the same time. Multi-tasking and multi-directional method of processing information seems to have become second nature to our children, but have our current simple, monotonous and basic computational worksheets evolved enough to engage the attention of our children today? Certainly not, this is one reason why children feel so bored and lose focus while trying to work on these basic worksheets.

The children today are facing a computing world that is much like a rich tapestry, where diversified fabrics and colours are integrated. Children today are absorbing not just numbers but an array of information like image, sound, music, symbols, spatial information, or even abstract ideas all bundled together and delivered through many types of media. Children today are not happy just working on pure number drill without any other stimulus or motivator.

Realizing the shortcomings of the existing maths learning centres at the time, Ho Math and Chessâ„¢ Learning Centre was established to combine all their different strengths.

Top 5 Things You Should Know About Ho Math and Chessâ„¢

  • numberHo Math and Chessâ„¢ was started 17 years ago by Mr Frank Ho, a Canadian certified maths teacher, after being intrigued by the relationship between maths and chess while teaching chess to his son.
  • numberHo Math and Chessâ„¢ is a specialty maths learning centre headquartered in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.
  • numberHo Math and Chessâ„¢ is the world’s first and largest elementary maths education franchise using unique maths and chess integrated workbooks. It is built on the premise that maths problem-solving ability is a learned skill and chess is a powerful, interesting and effective tool in learning mathematics.
  • numberHo Math and Chessâ„¢ has adopted an important teaching philosophy: to help every student tap into their potential and curiosity using a variety of maths and puzzle worksheets and problem-solving materials. We do that by integrating computations, word problems and mathematical chess puzzle questions all into one workbook for 4-year olds to 12-year olds.
  • numberToday, Ho Math and Chessâ„¢ is the world’s leading research organisation in the field of maths and chess integrated teaching.

Ho Math and Chessâ„¢ Malaysia offers an innovative maths program with emphasis on problem solving and critical thinking skills for pre-K through Grade 12 years old.